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Simple questions and answers about TELME
  • Around the world do exist branches in the every country?

    Telme has 12 offices in the world, located in: Singapore, U.S.A., Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, China, Lithuania and Holland, where are also new locations being realised

  • About what depends which country has the branch and which not?

    Every country will have her branch when the Telme company will have enough distributors in this country.

  • Why Telme starts on market via the multilevel marketing and not like the other telecommunication company?

    Telme decided on the such strategy because of relative short costs in the start and also the competive advantage, because Telme is the only company which the large part of the incomes has returned back users.

  • How will the competition respond to Telme and will Telme "survive" that?

    Telme actually hasn't no competition, Telme is the most favourable, and moreover more offers the possibility to earn money

  • Which Telme products are offered at the moment?

    Telme offers next products: AirGate router, virtual V-SIM card and physical V-SIM NRG card

  • What is the different between this two cards?

    The virtual card is used only for calling across the Internet, we can use it on the pc and mobile phones of newer generation. The physical card is usual SIM card which work as any GSM card in every mobile phone

  • Does I need a special mobile phone in order to use this network?

    For the physical SIM card (VSIM NRG) it is not necessary to have some special mobile phone, but for the virtual (V-SIM) you need the mobile phone which can connect on the Internet and then use the Telme software

  • Why is the Telme SIM cards better from others in the world?

    This it the first card around the world in telecommunication which can offer you calling without to pay roaming in other countries and we have the unique tariff for the whole world

  • How much costs the calls in the world from this Telme Sim?

    All prices you can see on the Telme rates calculator

  • When did I get the VSIM or VSIM NRG card and how?

    After you buy the Telme cards, the sim cards will be sent to your address, which you fill in by the registration, within 7-10 days

  • Which phone number will I have on this sim card?

    The are code of the sim card on any VSIM NRG is +372

  • How to become a Telme partner, how to register?

    If you want to become a Telme distributor, you need a code (team member) which costs 35 $. If you dont have this code, contact us and join to our Telme team

  • What did I get with this 35 USD?

    You get your personal virtual office on the internet, your own account in the company, email, but also a place within the Telme system

  • What exactly means this reservation with the 35 $?

    This means, that any other person who is registered after You, not important if this person is your friend or not, this person can't be over you, only below you, which means that this person is the part of your team

  • Does I have anything from this persons who somebody will register after me?

    Anybody who is after you in your team, not important do you know this person or not, all traffic which makes this persons and his team, will also be your traffic

  • Can I earn money with this 35 $?

    The possibility of earning money you have only after you become a Telme distributor

  • Where do I pay the money for the registration?

    The Team member and code of 35 $ you pay to the person who is your sponsor and the packet (partner or team builder) you pay in any bank.

  • How much direct coworkers can I have in once month?

    The number of direct partners are not limited

  • If exists only two lines, after register two individuals, one left and one right, where can I put the next person?

    The third person you can register left or right, under the two registered persons, you can choose on which site you would like to register any person

  • Does it exist some commit that I should every month register somebody?

    Something like this doesnt exist, nobody should work if he doesnt want

  • If I want to earn some money in month, does it exist some conditions for that?

    They exist determined conditions. For the fast start bonus (FSB) there is no condition, for earnings from the traffic of 10 %, you should make the qualification of 60 points, and for the profit sharing bonus (PSB) qualification of 120 points and be on the position of manager

  • How can I make the qualification, how much cost it?

    In order to qualify with 60 points, You must make the purchase of 90 USD

  • Can I buy new register codes (meamber code) for my new partners and how much does it cost?

    It is possible to buy new codes, you pay one code 35 USD

  • If people who are below me, makes qualification, does I have anything from this?

    From each qualification, that anybody makes below you in your team, yoiur traffic is become bigger and you have been paid from this on the end of the month

  • When did I get the salary?

    You will get the salary usually between the 10. and 15. in the month

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