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  what is telme communication

The Telme project has presented itself as being innovative from the start, also well researched and organised. Multinational companies, present with their offices in many Countries of the world, work in the field of new communication technologies, distinguishing themselves for excellence and the innovative nature of their services and products.

Telme is a new generation company, that is creating the first global Wi-Fi network, made up of people.



It was 2004. when Fabio Galdi had a vision that would change his life and the lives of thousends of people worldwide.

Thanks to his capacities and solid Holding of IT comapnies, for which he was at the head, he founded Telme (s) Pte Ltd, with registered office in Singapore, together with a staff of professionals with lots of experience and elevated capacities.

The scope was as simple as it was ambitious: change people's lives improving their method of communication.

This evolution gives rise to the creation of a social environment which contains and offers all of the possibilities and opportunities of a network. The result is a new concept of the Network, based on a single community, within which social, consumer and bussiness dynamics work together. Thanks to the interaction of these three dimensions, there are maximum advantages for whoever participates.

Therefore, Telme is a social community that includes three souls:



The three communities integrate perfectly with one another, giving life to new incredible possibilities for you and your life: a unique and extraordinary space with many functions and many instruments to communicate, have fun and grow.



The Telme network is YOUR personal network. It is also a global network, always open and ready for growth and enrichment.

Telme is a network with many functions and three type of users: social, consumer (client) and business. Each of the three network expands itself in relation to the internal dynamics and has an autonomous life in respect to the others. Only the people can determine the interaction amongst the netorks that together can become part of more thatn one network and can have users from other areas amongs their contacts.

It is possible to participate in the Telme network and its project at two different levels. It is also possible to fully enjoy the incredible advantages. The choice is yours. Many people have fallen in love with the incredible possibilities that the Telme network has to offer. Every day becomes more unique, global and yours.



Worlds, images, music, stories, designs, a hug from our loved ones, the affectionate greeting of a friend, a handshake...How many ways do we know how to express ourselves for love, share our thoughts, feel closer, build ideas and projects.

Have you ever thought what our world would be like without the possibility of communicating? Have you ever thought that all of this could start directly with YOU?

A network exists where communication is not only possible but also easy and fun. A place where people can experiment all of the pleasure and freedom of communicating.

A place where YOU are at the centre.

It is the TELME network, a network created for YOU and by YOU.

In todays world we use many Networks developed by other companies. To talk, to navigate in Internet, to share audio and video. We pay for all of this but we have no control over it, for example, we cannot control the coverage, the quality of the services, the costs.

How can we change all of this?

By building OUR network, by building YOUR network. Telme offers you the UNIQUE possibility to build a GLOBAL Network starting with YOU, with immediate benefits. Is consents you to communicate, share, meet.

A unique environment, equipped with EVERYTHING: YOUR own personal network, advanced communication systems, a business opportunity equal to no other.


Why Telme


The Telme network



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