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Join Telme and build your own Team!

Telme actively looks for serious and motivated persons  to build a huge network of users an businesses worldwide !

Business Plan

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Join the Telme Business Club!


Telme has taken the best elements from two legs concept : you simply sponsor the people in your team to the right or to the left.

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All in all, Multilayer earnings methods are divided into three types : Transaction income, leverage residual income and bonus.

Earning on retail products

As a Telme Team Member, you can buy products at a discounted price and then resell them on the market at recommended retail price, getting an immediate bonus on the price difference.

Fast Start Bonus

This is an optimum way to start earning and to make profits quickly.

Receive 200$  or 30$ on the first order of your team (Team Builder or Partner)

This money is a commision (pourcentage) on the value of the packs.

TVC : Team Volume Commissions

Team Volume Commission let you earn 10% each month on CVs generated in your smallest team up to a mximum of 250 000 CVs per month.

This means that with TVC alone, you can up to 25 000$ a month, without considering the other opportunities that multilayer plan offers you !

The Team Builder get 3 business centers = 75 000$ (3x 25 000$)

The partner get 1 business center            = 25 000$

Points are generated by: 

 - a new Team builder : 1000 cv

 - a new Partner : 200 cv

 - You and the members you referred personally

 - The members referred by your 1st line (unlimited level)

 - Members referred by your upline  (spill over)

Profit Sharing Bonus

Every Team Member that has got the Manager qualification or superior, gains a percentage on the Team Volume Commissions of the Team Members included into his sponsor tree till the seventh layer.

Every Team Members, personally sponsored, is considered on your first layer. So, when a member of your first level will sponsor personally anyone, this one becomes you second layer, and so on.

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You will earn 25 and 50 % on first line.

You will earn 8% on 2nd line.

You will earn 8% on 3rd line...

And so on until 7th line.

Team Builder Bonus

Every month the 3% of the CV generated on the total billed from the company, is divided among the Team Members of the Team Builder level that have got a monthly increase of 1000 CV on their smallest team on  respect of the preceding month.

Car Maintenance

Every month in which you are qualified as National Director or superior, Telme helps you to hold your car with a dedicated bonus.

$500 to $3000 monthly

Travel Bonus

Every month in which you are qualified as National Director or superior, Telme refunds to you the expenses for your business trips.

$500 to $3000 monthly

Telme Holiday Event

Every year the National Directors or superiors will be invited to the yearly convention of the Top Leaders that will be held in an exotic place.

Telme tools and Telme support system are second to nothing. Telme offers you tools and support you need to change your business into a success.

Your gift as a Telme Leader !

Route 60 Prenium

This gift is given to all new licensed members.

You will place calls to all destinations listed below, without any limitation of time, and totally free !! 

Use your PC, your mobile 3G/Wifi, Voip phone and Direct Access Toll Free Numbers.


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