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Telme company and Telme Team

Telme is a social network company, the core of which is the global Telme Community. Telme Community is based on fundamental principles of social interaction and communication. The Mission of our Company is to improve the quality of life of people all over the world, bringing communication freedom and welfare.

With this project, Telme presents itself as a company capable of outlining new roads of communication, designing future scenarious. Its highly innovative services and products have already won over thousands of people all over the world with its innovative enthusiasm, the incredible possibilities they offer and the simplicity of use.

Presently, Telme has 12 offices in the world, located in: Singapore, U.S.A., Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, China, Lithuania and Holland, where are also new locations being realised.

The company has internal avant garde R&D departments and always looks towards the future with serenity regarding the company and its network. The growth of the company is an unstoppable one that continues to win over new members and new Countries, day after day.


Since 2004. the sales of the Company have doubled, year after year and presently there are 750.000 Telme users Worldwide, that wherever, in every corner of the world, have discovered and chosen the easy and convenient method of communication, by entering and becoming part of the large social community.

Its capacity to look beyond and see what nobody else sees yet, makes it one of the most revolutionary companies in the communication and Internet sector.

The strenght of the Telme community lies, in fact, in the sharing of the entire project with a simple objective in mind: the more people that contribute, the better the benefits for everybody.

Telme Holders and Executive

Dr. Fabio Galdi
Lello Trezza
Maurizio Nicolucci
CEO and President VicePresident Global Network COO

Dr. Fabio Galdi

President and CEO, 36 years, professional in the IT industry and exceptionally the successful businessman with the improbable success just in the management company IT.

Is considered like one of the 5 world minds in the telecommunication and one of the pioneer in INTRNET in the Europe.

Lello Trezza

Vice-president, 48 year true Tms Leader and creator of large organizations, offers the company Telme 13 year experiences in the management Network of Marketings.

We have 130 superior engineers which work every day on innovations and improvement of Telme product. Purpose of this product is not only saving, already the creation of the large world community. Our product is the tool for the expansion communities and graduation ceremony technologies. For this is used VSIM NRG card. This is a product about much big companies are dreaming, because with this card anyone and everywhere is accessible and for improbable prices. We are the first INTEROPERATOR.

Telme Executive Team

Bruno Recroix Vice President Sales
Eugene Shimalsky CPO
Steven Tong CFO
Antonio De Rosa CMO



All produces and services of this companies, nobody in the future can't buy on somebody outlet, in the shop, kiosk or similarly. This will be only possible via our recommendations and telme company will earn us for each of this recommendation.

Network marketingNetwork marketing is the most efficient way for the contact with the consumer. Because of this, information will find the fastest way to the market. "Network" means men with which keep in contact or will keep in contact, are entering in Your circle of friend and acquaintance, and the "marketing" simple information somebody about some product, film, song, restaurant... Network marketing also gives the ideal way towards the bringing of product to the buyer. The classic method would be when the product produces, then sell out and deliver in some trade, which after this offers this product to the people who will buy it.

But what would happens when the product would deliver the DIRECT buyer?! Men from the centre have been left out and with this you would save. Combination of " oral tradition " and direct delivery to the buyer, company can effectively to cut costs for 50-75 % in respect to the classic business. Therefore why not invest in the saving direct offered in the network?

Everyone from you who decides accept this business chance, has the possibility to start the own business, i.e. to become Telme distributor and open own branch as a part of Telme company.

Opening firms today costs much and a little number are able to start the own business. Opening firms and conclusion of the contract with this company costs you only 35 USD. It concerns the revolutionary plan earnings which calls MultiLayer.

For all additional information how to become the part of the Telme team, you can see under the link Telme packets.

Why is the development via multilevel marketing?

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