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Yeni sayfanın içTelme is a leader in communication “convergence”, namely, the melding o
voice and media services, which is heralding a new era of inter-personal
Telme is a leader in communication “convergence”, namely, the melding of voice and media services, which is heralding a new
era of inter-personal communications.
Telme is a social network company the core of which is the global Telme Community. Telme relies on ultimate technologies,
but it’s a company of people, and for the people.
The heart of Telme technology is the WOIP2 (World Over IP) platform, designed by a forward thinking group of
Telme IT engineers. The system they designed avoids the limitations inherent with conventional networks and bridge the
technology gaps that serve the highest-growth sectors of telephony and Internet, including ixed-line, mobile, VoIP (Voice
over Internet Protocol). It’s patent pending “Woip2 architecture”, rich technological assets and unique methodology, all
provide a wide-array of simple-to-use, services to a worldwide users base. Because of its approach and cutting-edge services
ofer, Telme is able to compete indirectly with the major national and global telecom and Internet operators with virtually no
capital infrastructure being required.
Telme’s lagship product is its application, called “V-SIM” (Virtual SIM). Designed
all type of communication application, Telme’s V-SIM card based services,
provides cutting edge communication services in most of the countries and a
wealth of features not ofered by the traditional operators, such as Mobile Voip,
for Voice and Video call over GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/Wi-Fi Networks, Broad Band
Voip Service, Geographic Numbers (DID), TollFree numbers, Woip2 GSM Sim
card (VSIM-NRG), and advanced seeking services. Variations of these services
will compete in the ofer of Telme to world wide markets and they promise to be
Telme’s technical operations are based in the Repubblic of Singapore. It operates as a new generation of Inter-Operator, and
has “POPs” (Points of Presence) located in the Singapore, Italy, Russia, France, Venezuela, Miami and Brasil, with more to be
added. Its advanced network and facilities are not only fully scalable for growth, but they provide major carrier-class quality
and reliability. Its V-SIM cards are amongst the most sophisticated in the world.
For Marketing and Sales, Telme has chosen to primarily distribute its products and services through the Network Marketing
channels, which thus provides a conduit to their collective, large and established users base around the world. Accordingly,
Telme’s products are in the global marketplace only under Telme brand, Telme full-function branch oices are in Italy, Russia,
Venezuela, Brasil.
Telme is managed by a seasoned group of professionals from a wide range of professional disciplines and they are dedicated
to establishing Telme as one of the foremost companies in the international Internet and telecommunications sector.
The WoIP2™ network is the world’s irst inter-operator network and is present in more than 60 countries.
Wherever you are, WoIP2™ technology means that you are never alone; WoIP2™ accompanies you on any journey.
Whether you are in a crowded city centre, or on the world’s highest peak, WoIP2™ will always be available to let you
communicate freely or extremely cheaply with total independence from local operators.eriği

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