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Services included in the package connect V-SIM / V-SIM NRG

Digital officeA revolution called Digital Portal

Digital Portal is your door on the future of the communication. It is the whole of all the possibilities that Telme offers you freely in a world of services without equal. In your Digital Portal you will be able to use your mobile phone, your PC, your home phone to call anyone wherever.

All this free!

Let imagine that your son studies in Australia and you call him on his PC from your mobile or home phone: you could wish him the best for his next examination! Or reach a dear person via chat directly on his mobile exchanging with him images, sounds and emotions: let him see your little nephew photo. You can be always reached, connected with the whole world.

Digital officeWhy Telme is able to permit us to communicate freely?What does rend so sole the Digital Portal?

When everyone speaks about Voice Over IP (Voip), Telme breaks any innovation limit and let go your communications on its new technological platform, that names Woip2. To call any user of Telme net will have no costs, wherever he was and with every kind of system he used.

To make real this dream, common to all and so increase its advantages, we must be several to use Telme!

Also, why don't speak to others about this extraordinary project? You have a fantastic opportunity: to earn permitting to others to spare. Let expand your Digital Portal by involving other people into this project, let creta your Telme users net and let begin immediately to earn thanks to our special payment plan.

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