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How to become the Telme distributor?

Digital officeIf You want to register in Telme system as distributor, then you should at first register as Telme Team Member. After that you will be able to use the all advantage that gives you Telme. For the registration as Team Member You need a Telme sponsor and code for the registration. If you don't have somebody who will be your sponsor, join to our Telme Team and we will be your sponsor.

Nobody will be able to register directly in the firm, except Telme Free Member's.

The registration as Team Member will cost You 35 $ and this price You have to pay to your Telme sponsor. With this registration You become a TELME TEAM MEMBER and for this You get your own virtual office on the Internet (digital portal), the own account in the firm, email address, 5 USD loan on our sofware for the communication (DESKCALL NG).

With this you make also a reservation in the company, which means that every next individual which registered after you, it will be a part of your team.

Telme packets

If you want to become a Telme distributor, the following that you need to do after the registration (Team Member) is to buy one of Telme packets.

I. packet: Telme Partner

Telme PartnerPartner includes next services:

  • AirGate + VSIM
  • Digital Office + 1 business centre
  • Route 60 Classic (for free 3 months)

With a small investment, this kit consents you to have all of the necessary instrument to start up your activity as a distributor.

The Partner Kit is the best instrument in order to get to know the Telme universe and its services and if you are interested, utilise the services for yourself. You can also upgrade your Team Builder for 1215 $ within 30 days, otherwise the upgrade will cost 1500 $.

Partner packet also brings 200 points, which turns into the dollar in the proportion 1 compared to 1, values like the 200 dollar of traffics.

II. paket: Telme Team Builer

Telme Team BuilderTeam Builder includes next services:

  • AirGate + VSIM
  • AirMax
  • ROUTE60 Premium (for free 6 months)
  • Telme WebMeet Plus Unlimited
  • Digital Pffice with 3 Business Center
  • Team Builder Shares Bonus
  • Travel Bonus
  • Car Bonus
  • Partecipate to the MDM (multidimension marketing)

This Kit is perfect for those that have serious intentions of creating a large organisation based on an efficient duplication and a strong motivation and it is the only kit that allows you to participate in the complete MDM plan.

The Team Builder Kit is the best business card in order to show and demonstrate your business. You can participate in the exclusive Team Builder Bonus and guarantee to yourself the best way to access all of the extra bonuses in our pay plan.

As soon as you begin to sponsor new Team Members, you will see that they will follow your example and will want to start at the same level as you!

Team builder packet also brings 1000 points, which turns into the dollar in the proportion 1 compared to 1, values like the 1000 dollar of traffics.

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