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Telme Team Member

After You become a Telme Free Member, You can now become a Team Member. If You would like to register as the Telme Team Member and use all the advantages which gives you this system, you need a Telme sponsor and code for the registration (team member)!

If you don't have somebody who will be your sponsor, join to our Telme Team.

Nobody will be able to register directly in the firm!

The registration in Telme system costs You 35 $ and this price You have to pay to Your Telme sponsor. With this registration You become a TELME TEAM MEMBER and for this You get your own virtual office on the Internet (digital portal), the own account in the firm, email address, 5 USD credit on our sofware for online communication (DESKCALL NG).

NOTE: You will not be able to register as Free Member until October, because in October starts Telme evolution for all of you, and then you will be able to register for free as TelmeWorldMember!

How to become a Team Member?

  • Click on the next link: Become Telme Team Member
  • After that follow the next two steps:

    Fill our the next datas. It is important that this data are correct, because on this address you will get all Telme products. Secret question - choose a question and answer on it and remember the answer, because You will need it in case of changing your password. After you filled all fields correct, click on SEND button.

  • After that You will get 2 email-s on the email address which you gave during the registration.

    In one of this 2 emails You will find a link to confirm the registration - please click on this link. After that You will see the next:

    „Dear Customer, your account has been activated. You can now return to the home page to enter your account.“

After this steps You are now Telme Team Member!

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