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  airgate ,airgate max
AirGate, AirGate Max

AirGate e AirGate Max: the evolution of Telme.

The evolution is complete: in the important events of May, Telme has presented its new project Evolution. Telme puts itself now as a new generation company that is making the FIRST Wi-Fi Global net, made by people.

The name of this net, your Net, is TelmeAir and to realize it Telme proposes on the market two new products: AirGate e AirGateMax.

Telme AirGate routerAirGate, the social Wi-Fi.
TelmeAir is the First Global Wi-Fi net and it is possible to carry out it thanks to the AirGate device. This is carried out through the sharing of the Internet (Internet Sharing) of all the AirGate's routers of the TelmeAir members.

In fact AirGate is a Wi-Fi router that allows a shared connection divided in two: a public one that consent the access to the other users and a private and safe one for the own necessities. With this simple gesture, each TelmeAir user can access the Internet of others TelmeAir spot, FREE.

It allows you to connect in a simple and comfortable way to the TelmeAir and, at the same time, to share a part of your conection, participating in the creation of a global wi-fi net, based o the principles of the Internet Sharing.

Share part of your Wi-Fi with others Telme users and Telme users all over the world will share with you their Wi-Fi!

The sharing of a small part of your AirGate connection, will allow you to access any AirGate ALL OVER the world in order to surf, to speak, to share.

Soon AirGate:
- Router Wi-Fi, with Connection separation (Public and Private, with guarantee of data safety)
- VoIP device with automatic VSIM
- Autoconfiguration with the AirGate Max
- Antenna with high gain included, AirMax external Antenna option

Telme AirGateMax routerAirGateMax, opens your horizons.
AirGateMax is the natural extension of the AirGate. It is an Outdoor device that alllows you to amplify the signal of your Wi-Fi in order to increase your range and this way to extend all the benefits of the net TelmeAir: simple and fast access, high availability, greater coverage.

AirGateMax is simple to use and to install and allows to have a greater visibility into the new portal TelmeWorlds: an advantage for the consumers, an advantage for the distributors. It is possible to put it on the wall, with screws or using an “L” bracket or on a glass thanks to a practical sucker. It is necessary only one cable to connect it to power.

Soon AirGateMax:
- Amplify the range of your Wi-Fi (other 5 times)
- Easy connection to the AirGate
- Easy Assembly Kit (window, wall, pole)
- Greater visibility into TelmeWorld

AirGate and AirGateMax are already available into the new Team Builder and Partner packs and soon will be also available to the others distributors

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