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  vsim clasic
VSIM Classic

Communicating without ties, limits or barriers.

Feeling free to decide how we wish to communicate according to our needs and wishes. This is not always possible. Or at least it wasn’t possible until now.

Imagine a technology that lets you communicate globally whenever you wish and using any device: CONNECTING ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

You have just imagined WoIP2™…

Now try to imagine a tool that makes all of this possible, a tool that can finally give you the freedom of deciding HOW to communicate, without operator, tariff, or roaming restrictions.

What you have just imagined is called V-Sim, and is the first virtual WoIP2™ Sim.

The WoIP2™ network is the world’s first inter-operator network and is present in more than 60 countries. Wherever you are, WoIP2™ technology means that you are never alone; WoIP2™ accompanies you on any journey. Whether you are in a crowded city centre, or on the world’s highest peak, WoIP2™ will always be available to let you communicate freely or extremely cheaply with total independence from local operators.

The Virtual Sim succeeds in consolidating the communication ethos proposed by WoIP2™ in a unique and extremely innovative product. Thanks to V-Sim, Telme introduces to the mobile phone and landline markets a system of global communication that can be used in any corner of the globe with any communication device in a way that makes users completely independent from local telephone operators. In fact, Virtual Sim WoIP2™ can be activated on any mobile regardless of brand, model or age and means that you can activate all WoIP2™ network services on your mobile, PC and house phone.

If you want to call, videophone, send text messages, chat, listen to your answer machine messages...if you wish to COMMUNICATE, your V-Sim lets you do it in TOTAL FREEDOM.

V-Sim makes you free to use the WoIP2™ network services by giving you the choice of which devices and services you use, depending on your circumstances and on use level of WoIP2™ technology. Activating a Virtual Sim WoIP2™ on your mobile means having immediate access to the WoIP2™ network, which will give you easy and immediate access to a universe of free and low-cost communication options offered by this incredible technology.

You can actually decide how you wish to access the service, from the most simple method to the most sophisticated, from your mobile, your landline, a public telephone, your PC or from your SmartPhone. But most of all, with Virtual SimWoIP2™, you are given a “Virtual Number”: a number that can be reached by all of the Telme WoIP2™ network and by almost any telephone network, through the “Direct Access” numbers present in more than 60 countries across the globe.

With its Virtual Sim, today Telme can fulfil its dream of a global, free and independent communication.


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