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TelmeWorlds - the network has your name on it

TelmeWorldsTelmeWorlds is an integrated environment that consents you to live YOUR network and the network of other Telme users.

TelmeWorlds contains instrument for:

  • the research and the communication with other users
  • the managment of your network
  • the managment of personal contents

TelmeWorlds is an interactive space where every user disposes of a personal website and creates their own network of friends and contacts, interacts with other members of the Community and the Company.



A fundamental instrument of Telme Worlds is the Telme Map. Telme Map shows all of the Telme users that, in any other countries of the world from the big Telme family. Telme Map also helps you identify the AirGates that form the Telme Wi-Fi network. Therefore, if you are in need of a connection you always know from whow you can receive one. The type of every AirGate is also identified (business or free) and the extension of the signal.




Another new feature of Telme Worlds is the Telme Blog: a space to share doubts and curiosities, have your say, launch discussions, exchange ideas and opinions.



To enter and become part of our community signifies to be able to bring your world with you and share it with others. The reason is because every authentic passion is contagious. Every experience is precious and it is worthwhile to share it. If you have good ideas, why keep them to yourself?

You have discovered a band that you like and you would like others to be aware of their songs?Would you like somebody to tell you the best place to eat a typical meal in Paris? The Telme community is all of this as well, a place where people meet, they talk about themselves and say interesting things.

What makes our community different and particular: the possibility to communicate thanks to the Telme services, hence, call, video call, chat with every user on the Telme Map.

In this way, Telme worlds also becomes a space for sales and promotion of Telme services. Furthermore, you can receive news and updates about your Company. This way is always close tou you. Telme Worlds is a place that is visited daily by thousends of users, a community that continues to be enriched by new content and new members, but where you always feel at home. We know you have many things to say. Do not wait, enter and become part of the network and start to be heard.

Create your space in the Telme Worlds and give your life a special flavour.



Wi-fi network, communication systems, social interactive space, business community: many opportunities in a single word: Telme, your network.

No other community offers you more advantages, emotions and simplicity.

Whether you are searching for a space to conduct experiments, an easy and advantageous channel to always stay in contact with your friends or a nwe method to shape your business.

Telme is your network, the one that is right and perfect for you.




Telme Worlds: your space to meet and have others get to know you


Telme Blog


Telme Map

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